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This is one of the dirtiest hotels I have ever stayed at and I am a business traveler. The shame is, it appears to be a fairly new construction but the cleanliness is horrendous. I booked this hotel well in advance and when I arrived I was given a room the reeked if smoke and clearly had not been cleaned in a professional manner. The overall appearance of the facility was filthy and clearly had not been mopped or vacuumed in quite some time.... Read more

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I'm staying in extended stay Naperville East, The staff is slow to respond to any problems. I will elaborate by saying i have been here 2 months and have had many problems. Management has been dragging the repairs over weeks, still no working phone or water pressure in shower they don't care about me, was told my manager Jayla we are nothing but a pain, she told us to get out just get can't take me anymore just leave. I'm sure that this is... Read more

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I has reserved this hotel more than 40 days, and prepaid the room, selecting the non-refundable option – so I should be set, RIGHT! WRONG!! The day of my arrival the hotel calls me and says that they don’t have any non-smoking rooms as I requested. I was about 50 miles from the hotel, and told them I have a prepaid reservation – non-cancellable one. They told me that I can get a smoking room, and it should not be too bad. Well, I don’t have... Read more

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I checked in at 1 a.m. got to the room and there are no dishes or pots and pans. I asked the front desk and they said they ran out call back at 11 a.m. I called at 11:15 and still no pots and pans bowls or anything. This is very incinconvenient that I cannot feed my children. I will have to drive miles away to find pots, pans, bowls plates and cups. I would like a partial refund for my inconvenience. I have used Extended Stay several times and... Read more

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This was the worst hotel experience myself in my family have ever had. Our house had emergency construction, so we had to go to a hotel for an extended amount of time. We chose to go to extended stay America located in Newark DE area code 19713. Since the hotel wasn't up to the standard that was expected (lacked Kitchen tools that were supposed to be provided such as utensils, spatulas,plates. Lacking amenities such as a gym, pool, and sitting... Read more

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Had to stay at hotel til our home was available From the first time we checked on they had already overcharged me And the hotel manager( Adalita) Very rude,disrespectful person She doesn't know her job,they are paying her for free to nothing What ever happens to Customer 1st, well this hotel is a prostution ring They do not bother them its only the good people that have to come through traveling or whatever else is the case But they charged me... Read more

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Extended Stay Hotel - Filthy, understaffed, and in dire need of repair
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I stayed a week at the Extended Stay on Evans in Denver, CO. The hotel was filthy and in dire need of repair. My room had not been cleaned before I arrived and had to have it cleaned after I checked in. I was told they don't have enough housekeeping staff. I needed clean towels once during my stay since I only had one towel, one face cloth and one hand towel. I was told they didn't have enough and couldn't have any. The hairdryer fell off... Read more

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housekeeper stole three bottles of cologne equaling $360 on Crestline Atlanta Georgia the insurance company called me said our housekeeper won't do nothing like that will she stole my cologne

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2720 Oklahoma northwest expressway. Room change 4x. The rooms had ant infestation and were never cleaned. Corporate never called back to speak with us in the 24-48 hr period as promised. See pics below. Also have ant video available. For some reason won't load. I will try from my desktop. Read more

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On 23rd May, my apartment was undergoing some work so they booked my room on Extended stay America Fremont 5375 Farwell Pl for 4 nights. I showed up at 8.00 PM to check in at counter. The man name 'Chris' , a white man, early 30s was on duty. When I showed my ID card for check in, he said I don't have reservation from that day. I only have reservation from next day. The room was booked by my company and they have sent me confirmation on my... Read more

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